1. In Maryland, students now have a digital portfolio that tells their story and...

    • begins at age 14, during middle school
    • caters to multiple learning styles
    • encourages student self-reflection
    • allows students to see personal growth by developing motivation and self-confidence
    • provides a strengths-based perspective
  2. Students create their Maryland Transition Digital Portfolio to...

    • track their progress on their transition goals
    • navigate their post-school activities
    • customize career and post-school pathways based on their strengths and needs
    • use cutting-edge technology that demonstrate their abilities, interests, and progress
  3. Students use their Maryland Transition Digital Portfolio across the transition planning process...

    • as a vehicle to showcase their employability skills and experiences toward obtaining employment
    • as a repository of necessary documents to apply for college
    • as a way to prioritize their steps to be self-sufficient and independent (e.g, living on your own, travel independence, understanding your personal finances)